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Beitrag  N4-DO am Mo 23 März 2015, 08:22

diesen Ansatz für einen "up to date" Vassal "Klon" finde ich durchaus interessant, die features könnten sich sehen lassen...

http://doctormikereddy.com/category/javin-x-wing-simulator/ schrieb:So, the ultimate aim of the simulator is threefold:
1) provide enough of a simulation of X-Wing to be at the level of VASSAL, but with rudimentary A.I. that goes beyond that provided by the current web applet. It would also be a testbed for further A.I. research.
2) Use AR to map a real tabletop game into the computer, by way of special tags on the base of each ship. This would initially just allow two human players to have their physical game tracked by the computer.
3) The two above combined for rudimentary single play, or the possibility of a computer aided/augmented game. This would use a projector underneath a translucent play surface to provide a projected HUD-style overlay for effects – e.g. damage, range, etc – similar to what is possible with VASSAL.

Quelle: JAVIN X-Wing Simulator

mehr oder weniger habe ich ja bereits vor einiger Zeit in einem alten Thread von mir von Punkt 3. geschwärmt...
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