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Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Empty Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News

Beitrag  Barlmoro Fr 20 Mai 2016, 19:01

It's a Trap!
Announcing the Fourth Wave of Expansions for Star Wars™: Armada

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Armada-wave4-title-image

"It's a trap!"
     –Admiral Ackbar
Will your fleet set a trap for your enemy? Or will you find your ships ripped out of hyperspace by your enemy's gravity-well projectors?
Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of the fourth wave of expansions for Star War™: Armada!
Featuring two new, fleet-defining ships, one each for the Rebels and Imperials, Armada Wave IV is your chance to harness the power of gravity well projectors, grav shift reroutes, massive forward-facing Rebel guns, and other powerful, new technologies. Use them to set traps for your opponents. Engage the enemy on new terms. Amplify the strategic importance of your objectives. And alter the very shape of the battlefield.
With its new ships, strategic adjustments, and Experimental Retrofit upgrades, Armada Wave IV does more than just add new ship and commander options; it presents you all-new ways to enjoy the fleet battles you love!

Interdictor Expansion Pack

The Interdictor cruiser was designed a major part of the Empire's response to the elusive Rebel threat. Although its shape resembles that of a Star Destroyer, the Interdictor is smaller, and it sacrifices the Star Destroyer's focus on shields and firepower in favor of advanced gravity-well projectors that are capable of wrenching enemy ships out from hyperspace. When an Interdictor is deployed along one of the galaxy’s hyperlanes, it can spell doom for any unsuspecting Rebel captain, cutting off the Alliance’s vital escape routes and strangling the galaxy’s last hope for freedom.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm16_spread

In Armada, the Interdictor is a solid, medium-base starship that is in some ways comparable to the Victory-class Star Destroyer. However, the similarities are mostly superficial, and any extended exploration of the Interdictor will reinforce how much its design centers around its Experimental Retrofit upgrade. After all, the InterdictorSuppression Refit costs you five fleet points more than the most expensive basic Victory-class Star Destroyer, theVictory II. Still, for those five extra fleet points, you lose two dice from your forward battery armament, as well as one point of shields each from both your left and right hull zones. What you get in return, though, is an unprecedented ability to impact the battlefield and the game through the use of Experimental Retrofits like the G-8 Experimental Projector and G7-X Grav Well Projector .
Naturally, as the Interdictor is bound to make significant use of its upgrades, the Interdictor Expansion Pack comes with fourteen upgrades in addition to its two ship cards and pre-painted miniature starship. You will also find a rulesheet and all necessary tokens and command dials.

Liberty Expansion Pack

The MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser is the spearhead of the Rebel Alliance’s fleet, and its namesake ship is both renowned throughout the Alliance and infamous throughout the Empire. The Liberty boasts some of the heaviest firepower in the Rebel arsenal. Due to this impressive firepower, the ship's powerful forward shielding, and its ability to dock multiple fighter squadrons, the Liberty is often among the first ships considered to lead Rebel strike forces into combat-likely raids within Imperial territory.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17_spread

Like the Home One, the Liberty enters Armada as a large-base ship with eight hull. However, beyond their similarities in size and hull and the fact that both ships were of Mon Calamari design, the Home One and Liberty are about as different from each other as can be. Whereas the Home One is a broadside ship with six dice in its left and right battery armaments, plus four shields each on its left, right, and forward hull zones, the Liberty is built to charge directly into battle. It features seven dice in its forward battery armament, plus five forward shields. Moreover, its upgrades are more offensive in nature than those on the Home One.
Accordingly, the Liberty presents the opportunity to experiment with all-new Rebel tactics, such as those you might employ when you use the Liberty to lead a fleet of Nebulon-B frigates directly at your opponent. Naturally, many of the expansion's fourteen upgrades also support this new Rebel play style. For example, General Madine ensures your fleet retains the maneuverability it needs to keep its guns aimed at the enemy, and a team of Veteran Gunnersprovides additional insurance that your powerful attacks will strike for maximum value.

Precise Calculations

"Traveling through hyperspace isn’t like dusting crops, boy! Without precise calculations we could fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova, and that’d end your trip real quick, wouldn’t it?"
     –Han Solo

It takes more than firepower to win the fleet battles of Star Wars: Armada; it takes a coherent strategy that makes the most of every ship and squadron in your fleet. As fleet admiral, it is your job to ensure your fleet is built with that strategy in mind. Will you charge headlong at the enemy? Will you field a lighter force in order to make your way to the battlefield early and lay traps to snare your foes? Much of the strategic richness in Armada revolves around the way it forces you to keep one eye toward your objective and the other toward your enemy's ships.
Soon, the new ships and upgrades from Wave IV will further reinforce the importance of your decisions. Your choice of objectives will become an even more defining element of your fleet, you will be able to choose from more play styles than ever before, you will need to aim more precisely toward your goal, and the fleet points you leave unspent toward your initiative bid may determine whether you begin combat on the offensive or find your ships ripped out of hyperspace by a gravity well…
Arm your fleet to win the galaxy's greatest battles. Armada Wave III is scheduled to arrive at retailers late in the third quarter of 2016!

Wichtige Raumhafenregeln! - Weiß-Text ist Dienstlich!
Boarding Team Mos Eisley
Boarding Team Mos Eisley

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Beitrag  Herendon Sa 02 Jul 2016, 20:00

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm16_box

Do you want to win your very own fleet for Star Wars™: Armada? Do you want to win free copies of the expansions from Wave III and Wave IV? Then get ready to process the material from today's preview of the Interdictor Expansion Pack, as well as the information you will get from tomorrow's preview of the Liberty Expansion Pack!

Because we at Fantasy Flight Games are so excited about all the different ways that Waves III and IV are bound to impact your Armada fleet battles, we recently announced the Star Wars: Armada Fleet Commander Contest, challenging you to impress our developers with creative fleet builds. Specifically, we want to see fleet builds that make clever and efficient use of the new Wave III and Wave IV materials.

You can read all about the Star Wars: Armada Fleet Commander Contest elsewhere, but the fact remains: in order to facilitate your fleet-building, we need to reveal all the new Wave III and Wave IV contents. To that end, we have already previewed all the Wave III contents in our articles, "Support Your Squadrons. Support Your Fleet." and "A Different Sort of Strength." Now, we turn our attention to Wave IV, starting with a look at the Galactic Empire's newest ship, all its new upgrades, and some of the many strategies they may enable.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm16_plastic_right
The Imperial Interdictor

Experimental Technology
Veiled in secrecy and designed as more than a weapons platform, the Imperial Interdictor was equipped with an experimental gravity well to rip Rebel ships out of hyperspace. This made it a dangerous tool for the Empire, and the ship's gravity-based technologies are represented in Armada by its new Experimental Retrofit upgrade slots.

Naturally, you can find these upgrade slots featured on both the Interdictor Suppression Refit and the Interdictor Combat Refit.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm16-interdictor-suppression-refitStar Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm14-interdictor-combat-refit

As you can see, the ship's different configurations force you to decide whether you want your Interdictor to play more of a straight-up combat role or to make greater use of its Experimental Retrofit upgrades to control the battlefield and manipulate your opponent's ships. Both are valid choices, but as with all things Wave III and Wave IV, they require some thought as to how best integrate your decisions into the whole of your fleet and its strategy.

The Combat Refit

As a medium-base capital ship, the Interdictor Combat Refit would appear, at first, to play a similar role in your fleet as a Victory-class Star Destroyer. Both have roughly the same hull values and fleet-point costs, although the Interdictor Combat Refit goes slightly above the Victory in both regards, featuring nine hull to the Victory's eight, and weighing in at ninety-three fleet points, compared to the eighty-five fleet points of the pricier Victory II-class Star Destroyer.

What you get for those extra fleet points, then, is a starship that is a bit more well-rounded. It lacks the big six-die attack from its forward hull zone that the Victory can boast, but it can fire four dice each from three of its four hull zones. This means that if you can line up your shots on the diagonal, you can bring eight dice against a single enemy ship—nearly as many as the nine the Victory can fire when it lines up shots from both its forward hull zone and either its left or right hull zones.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm16_diagram1_diagonalshot

And though it suffers by way of comparison in those big volleys, the Interdictor comes out ahead of the Victory in terms of defense. In addition to its extra point of hull, the Interdictor gains an extra defense token. Instead of the Victory's one brace and two redirect tokens, the Interdictor has one brace, one redirect, and two contain tokens. If its shields ever go down—and there's always a chance your ship's shields will fail—the Interdictor stands a much better chance than the Victory of avoiding any crippling critical damage.

Its fair to say that the Victory's ten total points of shielding, when taken together with its eight hull, make it the more reliable ship. This may be true, especially in the early game, when you can keep your opponent from getting around your flank. However, the Victory has always been most vulnerable through its rear hull zone. There, it has only a single point of shielding, and only two red attack dice. By contrast, the Interdictor's rear hull zone is nearly as strong as its sides, boasting two points of shields and three attack dice—one red and two blue.

The more you look, then, the more you see that the Interdictor may not be as well-suited toward a perfectly crafted early game, but it may do a better job of surviving the unexpected twists and turns that come with the course of battle. This is a fact reinforced, also, by the ship's extra point of Engineering, its reduced Command value, and its ability to take a support team like the ever-popular Engine Techs, which can allow the Interdictor to move effectively one speed-point faster than the Victory and with as many as one click at each joint of the maneuver tool.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm16_diagram5_manueverability

Of course, the most important distinction between the Interdictor and the Victory is likely the Interdictor's ability to equip an Experimental Retrofit, such as the G-8 Experimental Projector or the Targeting Scrambler. There are four different Experimental Retrofit upgrades in the Interdictor Expansion Pack, and although your Interdictor Combat Refit can only equip one of them, that upgrade is bound to play a big role in the ship's larger identity within your fleet.

The Suppression Refit
Of course, if the Experimental Retrofit upgrade that you equip on your Interdictor Combat Refit is going to play a large part in defining that ship's role, then you can imagine how much moreso the Interdictor Suppression Refit is bound to be defined by its Experimental Retrofit upgrades.

In addition to the G-8 Experimental Projector and Targeting Scrambler, the Interdictor Expansion Pack offers the Grav Shift Reroute and G7-X Grav Well Projector Experimental Retrofit upgrades.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm16-grav-shift-rerouteStar Wars Armada - Wave IV News G7-x-grav-well-projector

Taken altogether, these upgrades allow you to temporarily reduce the speed of enemy ships, force your opponent to reroll up to four attack dice, muddle the battlefield with obstacles according to your design, and force your opponent to either deploy his ships outside of a "dead zone" with a radius of range "3" or set the speed dials of all ships deployed within that zone to zero. In short, they change the rules of engagement so that you should never have to fight on even footing.

Of course, the Interdictor Suppression Refit is going to be so tremendously appealing to so many players because these upgrades work particularly well in combination with each other, in combination with upgrades like Admiral Titus and Admiral Konstantine, and in combination with very carefully chosen sets of objectives.

For example, the Grav Shift Reroute gives you a decided edge in any contest in which you are the second player and the first player chooses to play with either your Dangerous Territory or Fire Lanes objectives. Just be sure to place your grav shift token within distance 1–3 of as many obstacles as possible, and you can either fly right through them to score your Dangerous Territory victory points or use them to slow your opponent's progress toward the Fire Lanes objective tokens.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm16_diagram2b_gravshiftreroute
Use of the Grav Shift Reroute upgrade can tremendously impact your games played with the Dangerous Territory objective, straight from setup.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm16_diagram2_gravshiftreroute
After using your grav shift token to draw the obstacles and objective points toward you, you can score them in the first round by charging full speed ahead with your Interdictor and a ship like the Imperial Raider.

Perhaps you could combine these objectives with the Most Wanted objective and an Interdictor Suppression Refit that carries Admiral Titus, Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams, a Grav Shift Reroute, and the G-8 Experimental Projector.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Interdictorsuppressionshipbuild

In this case, if your opponent selects the Most Wanted objective, thinking it will be easier to win that scenario than to figure out how to navigate the cluster of obstacles you might arrange, you can send your Interdictor in hot pursuit of his objective ship, then slow it to a crawl in order to make sure you line up your shots round after round until the ship is no more. This works even better if you can pair your Interdictor with another large or medium ship so that Admiral Konstantine can penalize all enemy ships within distance 1–5 yet another point of speed.

For a long time, one of the greatest challenges facing Imperial players with Victory-class or Imperial-class Star Destroyers has been the Rebels' tendency to slip past the firing arcs of the massive forward guns. Now, by slowing each of those Rebel ships, Admiral Konstantine and the Empire stand much better odds of landing their most powerful volleys squarely on their targets in consecutive rounds.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm16_diagram3_slowcr90
Here, the Rebel player has maneuvered an Assault Frigate Mark II at speed "3" into a position that suddenly looks to prove fatal. First, the Interdictor catches it with its G-8 Experimental Projector to slow it from speed "3" to speed "2." Then the Imperial-class Star Destroyer activates and slows the Assault Frigate with its Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams, reducing it to speed "1." Then, because Admiral Konstantine can spot at least two of his medium- or large-base ships within distance 1–5 of the Assault Frigate, he slows it another step during the Status Phase. However, because his ability reduces the speed of enemy ships to a minimum of speed "1," the Assault Frigate's speed dial remains at that speed. It's not enough, though, to get the Frigate and its Rebel crew out of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer's front arc, meaning those particular Rebels are about to meet their demise…

Force your opponent to navigate the maze of obstacles that you design, or force his most important ship to limp through space squarely in front of your most powerful guns. Either way, this is the sort of focus on your objectives and strategies that you are bound to see propelled to all-new heights by the ships and upgrades in Waves III and IV.

A New Imperial Fleet

As good as its ship, ship cards, and Experimental Retrofit upgrades are, the Interdictor Expansion Pack offers you plenty more ways to reconfigure your Imperial fleet. Among its fourteen upgrades, there are eleven that are brand-new to the game. The Experimental Retrofit upgrades, the Interdictor Title, Admiral Konstantine, and Admiral Titus make up seven, and that leaves us with four more.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm16-commandant-aresko
Commandant Aresko is priced the same as Wulff Yularen at seven fleet points and features a comparable ability, but instead of granting you a command token when you spend one, he allows you to gain a command token when a friendly ship within distance 1–3 reveals a command. He has to exhaust to use his ability, but if you feel so inclined, he can do so twice while aboard the Interdictor.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm16-flight-commander
As an alternative, the Flight Commander allows you to resolve your squadron command after executing your maneuver. Given the Interdictor's speed and maneuverability when equipped with Engine Techs, this may be a good way to get your commands to a pair of fighter squadrons that got stranded from the rest of the fleet. Odds are, though, that the crew will be better placed elsewhere, like on a flotilla of Gozantis.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm16-fighter-coordination-team
As far as your squadron coordination goes, it is less likely to be your Interdictor's primary concern. After all, the ship only boasts a Squadron value of two. However, you can still make good use of your Interdictor to set up your squadrons for activation by your other ships. In the right fleet, the Fighter Coordination Team is an excellent substitution for your Engine Techs and can move a pair of unengaged squadrons without activating them. Whether you use this movement to engage enemy bombers or to get your bombers into position, the fact that your Fighter Coordination Team grants a partial squadron command for no action makes it a noteworthy bargain.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm16-ms-1-ion-cannons
Finally, the Interdictor Expansion Pack gives you access to a new ion cannon, the MS-1 Ion Cannons, which exhaust one of the defender's upgrade cards whenever you roll a critical hit on your blue attack dice. Given the number of blue dice on your Interdictor—much less the number of blue dice you can fire from your Dominator —the MS-1 Ion Cannons are bound to make their presence felt in numerous skirmishes across the galaxy.

The Admiral's Game
With all that it brings to the table—and not just for the Empire—the Interdictor Expansion Pack goes a long way toward truly playing the admiral's game… You do not go to battle without a plan. You devise your strategy. You assemble your fleet. You issue your commands. And then—and only then—you rip your opponent's ships out of hyperspace.

Start dreaming up your new Imperial fleet. We will soon begin accepting entries for our Star Wars: Armada Fleet Commander Contest. But before we do, we intend to reveal the secrets of the Rebellion's new Liberty Expansion Pack!
Boarding Team Mos Eisley
Boarding Team Mos Eisley

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Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Empty Re: Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News

Beitrag  Herendon Sa 02 Jul 2016, 20:06

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17_box_left
Your chance has come to win a complete, 400-point fleet for Star Wars™: Armada!

Our Star Wars: Armada Fleet Commander Contest is now open for submissions and will remain open through Tuesday, July 5th at 10:00 AM Central. As outlined in our announcement of the contest, this special Wave III and Wave IV promotion challenges you to make excellent strategic and creative use of the new flotillas and larger ships. Impress the game's developers with your list, and you will win the Wave III and Wave IV ships. If you can also provide the developer running your list with a winning edge, you stand to win a copy of the Core Set, the Wave III and Wave IV expansions, and every other expansion necessary to build your fleet!

In fact, there is only one last thing standing between you and your chance at glory… You need information about the Liberty Expansion Pack. So here it is.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17_spread

Fit for Battles Among the Stars

Whether outfitted as an MC80 Battle Cruiser or an MC80 Star Cruiser , your Liberty is a forward-facing, Rebel beast of war. This is a remarkable fact certain to be noticed by longtime Rebel admirals, and it leads directly toward a new Rebel play style.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17-mc80-battle-cruiserStar Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17-mc80-star-cruiser

Apart from the Nebulon-B frigate, the Rebel Alliance's ships have historically fought best while racing around the periphery of the battlefield and firing from their sides. This owes largely to the prominence of the Assault Frigate Mark II during the Wave I days, and it has only been reinforced by the addition of the Home One and Admiral Ackbar.

Right from the game's release, the Rebels have had to try to fly around their Imperial opponents lest they find themselves obliterated in coordinated barrages of retaliatory laser blasts. Neither the Nebulon-B frigate nor the CR-90 Corellian corvette could afford to fly straight at a Victory-class Star Destroyer. One good shot from the Star Destroyer's forward hull zone could simply cripple the Nebulon-B or outright destroy the corvette.

This led the Rebellion toward flanking strategies. Rebel admirals would start with ships at either side of the battlefield and hope to draw the Imperial ships in toward one cluster of ships, sending the other around to chase after the Star Destroyer's much less intimidating rear hull arc. If the Rebel admiral was particularly lucky or skilled, he might even find some way to save the ships that were utilized as bait.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17_d1_rebelflank
In a typical strategy, the Rebel player splits his fleet so that he can get some of his ships into position behind the Empire's Star Destroyers.

The Assault Frigate Mark II and Home One added more shields and attack dice, but they still played more or less into this strategy. Both of these ships feature their strongest attacks on their left and right hull zones.

With its focus on black dice, the MC30c functions best in close range, but even this odd duck of the Rebel fleet functions best when on a course to fly around the enemy. Like the Assault Frigate Mark II and Home One, its strongest attacks are from its left and right hull zones.

What the introduction of the Liberty adds to the Rebel fleet, then, is a true forward-facing threat. This is the Rebel ship that the Imperials do not want to see headed straight toward them. It features seven attack dice from its front hull zone, which it pairs with five forward shields, two brace tokens, and a redirect. It can both dish out a beating and take one. When you anchor your fleet with the Liberty, you can still send your other ships around his flank, much like you would with earlier Rebel fleets, but because you add a forward-facing threat, your opponent can no longer choose to ignore your "bait." If left ignored, that bait is going to blast some holes through some hulls.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17_d2_libertyflank
Again, the Rebel player splits his fleet in order to get ships into position behind the Empire's Star Destroyers. However, the extra threat presented by the Liberty almost guarantees that the Imperial player must turn to face it, thereby offering greater assurance to the Assault Frigate Mark II and CR90 Corellian corvette.

Alternatively, the Liberty may even allow the more creative Rebel admirals to meet Imperial fleets head-on and defeat them. For starters, you might flank it with a pair of Nebulon-B frigates. You might not expect your frigates to last more than a couple of rounds on their own in such head-to-head battles, but the Liberty forces your opponent to reprioritize his shots. If he ignores the Liberty, it will punish him. If he focuses on the Liberty, your Nebulon-B frigates remain in the fight and keep firing.

Where Is the Rebel Edge?
At this point, the skeptic may wonder how the Liberty could possibly allow the Rebels to stand toe-to-toe with an Imperial fleet. After all, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer features an additional attack die in its forward hull zone, and the Victory-class Star Destroyer only features one fewer die, at a reduction of as many as thirty fleet points.

Well, the first consideration is going to be the range of those dice. The Victory I-class Star Destroyer features six forward attack dice, but only three can fire at long or medium range. Once you bump yourself up to the Victory II and its six medium range dice—three red and three blue—you have also raised the ship's fleet point cost by twelve points, now only eleven below the cheaper MC80 Star Cruiser. And for those eleven points, you get two more shields on your front hull zone.

So what happens when you compare the Liberty to the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, then? For 120 fleet points, the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer can rain death with eight dice at medium range. As the MC80 Star Cruiser was only eleven points more expensive than the Victory II, the Imperial II is only seventeen points more expensive than the MC80 Battle Cruiser. And that is on a side of the Galactic Civil War that features such commanders as Darth Vader,   Admiral Screed,  and Grand Moff Tarkin.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17_d3_statcomparison
Here, the answer is upgrades and squadrons. In Armada, you are always balancing the fleet points you invest in ships against the fleet points you invest in support for those ships. And the Rebels feature some of the best support in the game. Luke Skywalker,   Han Solo,  and a pair of B-wing Squadrons are not threats to be dismissed lightly. Nor are your Spinal Armament,  Quad Turbolaser Cannons,  or High-Capacity Ion Turbines.  Utilizing the right upgrades with the right ships is crucial, and the three different Title upgrades in the Liberty Expansion Pack reinforce this idea.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17-endeavor
The Endeavor Title grants your MC80 a contain token and plays well with your ship when you intend to launch it into the thick of a protracted firefight. Given that this is a highly likely outcome for any list featuring an MC80 Battle Cruiser or MC80 Star Cruiser, you should expect to see a good number of appearances by the point-efficient Endeavor Title when Wave IV releases.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17-mon-karren
On the other hand, if you think you can reduce the length of the firefight by blasting right through your enemy's ships, you may lean toward the Mon Karren Title, which prevents your target from spending more than one defense token. Here, the Mon Karren presents a direct counter to the common brace-and-redirect tactic, even before you roll a single point of accuracy, and the fact that your Mon Karren Title reduces your need for accuracy results means that you can use your rerolls and upgrades to increase your raw damage, reassured by the knowledge that it's going to hit… hard.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17-liberty
Finally, the Liberty Title allows you to coordinate your squadrons more efficiently, taking advantage of the fact that your MC80 is bound to be in the thick of combat, serving the Rebel Alliance from positions that may be too dangerous for your smaller ships to approach. For example, the flotilla of Rebel transports you added to your fleet in order to coordinate your bombers may not be able to survive anywhere near the Imperial-class Star Destroyer that your bombers have engaged. Here, for just three fleet points, the Liberty Title allows you to activate up to two of those bombers without ever assigning a squadron command to your dial. Just use Garm Bel Iblis,   Leia Organa,  the Tantive IV,  or a Comms Net to assign a squadron token to your Liberty, and the Title doubles its value.

Clever Command
Not only will your Rebels need to make excellent use of their squadrons and upgrades in order to get the better of Imperial fleets, but they will also need to follow a carefully scripted battle plan—one that can bend, and not break, in the heat of an engagement. And the development of such a detailed and flexible plan demands a clever commander.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17-general-madine
The Liberty Expansion Pack introduces such a commander in the form of General Madine.  His ability grants your ships extra maneuverability whenever they resolve navigation commands. When one of your ships resolves its navigation command from the dial, Madine allows it to increase one additional yaw value by one. When a ship resolves its navigation command from a token, Madine allows it to choose to adjust its speed or increase one yaw value by one. Madine's ability may appear, at first, to be yet another part of the Rebel flanking strategy—and it can be. But it also allows you to keep your Liberty on course for head-on combat.

If your Liberty is clearly going to win a head-on confrontation with one of your opponent's ships, your opponent is unlikely to aim that ship at the Liberty. Instead, your opponent may attempt the same sort of flanking strategies that the Rebels have long employed.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17_d4_imperialflankingpsd
Given the massive threat that the Liberty represents, the Imperial player may borrow a page from the Rebel playbook and aim for the flank.

This, however, is where Madine and his extra maneuverability come into play. His ability allows you to adjust your yaw by as many as three clicks when you reveal a navigation command from the dial, and that sort of turning power may catch your opponent unaware… and squarely in range of your full forward battery armament.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17_d6_slightturn
When the Imperial player threatens to flank the Liberty, the Rebel player normally has to think far in advance, given the ship's limited maneuverability.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17_d5_generalmadine
[i]With Madine as your commander, however, you can gain as many as three clicks on the maneuver tool when you resolve Navigation commands from both a dial and a token. Timed correctly, this can get your Liberty into position to trap the opponents trying to flank you.

Meanwhile, a ship the size of the Liberty needs far more than just a commander to operate, and the Liberty Expansion Pack also introduces a handful of new officers and teams to help crew your MC80.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17-chart-officer
The Chart Officer plays into the expansion's theme of direct confrontation, allowing you to plow through asteroids and other obstacles without worry. With the Chart Officer aboard, asteroids will not concern you; you can race straight at your opponent's ship, wherever it tries to hide.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17-skilled-first-officer
If you have ever wished you had assigned your engineering or navigation command just one dial sooner, the Skilled First Officer may be a tremendous bargain for you. He provides less flexibility than the Support Officer, but he also costs three points fewer. That may not seem like a big deal when you have 400 points to spend, but those three points may prove the difference between seizing the initiative as the first player or going second. Alternatively, they may prove the difference between flying an unnamed MC80 or the heading to battle aboard the Liberty.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17-medical-team
A Medical Team can grant you relative immunity to nearly one-third of the critical hits you might suffer. Sixteen of the fifty-two damage cards bear the crew trait, meaning they can not only be ignored by your Medical Team, but completely discarded. When you consider how crippling it can be to suffer a Compartment Fire or total Life Support Failure, the Medical Team is a terrific bargain, especially considering it costs you only a single fleet point.

Finally, the Liberty Expansion Pack offers two more aggressive teams, in the form of the Veteran Gunners and Fire-Control Team. . While both increase your odds of crippling your opponent, they do so in different ways. On the one hand, the Veteran Gunners works against weak dice by allowing you to reroll below average results. On the other hand, the Fire-Control Team allows you to get the most from good dice results, kicking your opponent when he is already down by granting you the ability to resolve multiple critical effects.

Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17-veteran-gunnersStar Wars Armada - Wave IV News Swm17-fire-control-team

Even though your Fire-Control Team will not allow you to resolve the same critical effect twice, you can potentially force an opponent to suffer as many as three faceup damage cards by equipping a Fire-Control Team on the same ship as your XX-9 Turbolasers.  It can take as many as fourteen damage to destroy an Imperial-class Star Destroyer supported by Admiral Motti,  but it may take only one good shot to leave it limping ineffectually in space.
Assemble Your Fleet!

You now have access to all the new information from all four Wave III and Wave IV expansion packs, so it's time to assemble and submit your fleet as part of our Star Wars: Armada Fleet Commander contest!

Be sure to review what the developers shared about their preferences in our announcement of the contest, and take some time to prepare a clear and concise strategy for how your fleet should fly. All submissions for the Star Wars: Armada Fleet Commander contest are due by Tuesday, July 5th at 10:00 AM Central.
Boarding Team Mos Eisley
Boarding Team Mos Eisley

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Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News Empty Re: Star Wars Armada - Wave IV News

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