X-Wing Liga Zürich- 1. Saison

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X-Wing Liga Zürich- 1. Saison

Beitrag  Dragon_King am Di 09 Okt 2018, 14:28

Ahoi Piloten
Auch in Zürich, wie in Bern starten wir eine Liga!
Hauptsammelort in einer Whatsappgruppe und einem anderen Forum (Darf ich auf das andere Forum verlinken?), aber ich versuche hier auch Updates zu posten :)

League Play for Star Wars: X-Wing 2.0

Organizer / Contact: Martin / Beni

Modus: X-Wing 2.0 Extended, 6 Rounds, Top 4 Cut

Participation Fee: 20.-- CHF (Non refundable, payable before first game), Last sign up 15.10. 2018

Prizes: Official Prizekit for X-Wing 2.0

Date: Starts in November until Conclusion (Roughly January)

Rules: Current Errata and Released FFG Rules

Place: Zürich Area preferrably, Wellplayed Dübendorf

WhatsappGroup: https://chat.whatsapp.com/H8wOJA2QOG27BEFCYJs5WJ


The league goes over 2 Phases:

Phase 1:
6 Games 200pts @ 75 minutes each vs randomized opponents. The pairings will be set beforehand. Games can be completed in any order in any place.

Phase 2:
Top 4 Cut according to standings. Will be set after Phase 1 concluded.

Rules of Engagement
Each game can be played wherever and whenever you want. If you play at Wellplayed you do NOT pay any entrance fee for the whole day where you also play a League Game. As long as your opponent agrees you can also conclude those games online.

Use the Standard Tournament Rules with the current Errata released by FFG at the time.: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing-second-edition/

You can use a different list for every game / opponent, it just needs to be legal the day you play according to the official X-Wing List builder app.

Report results in the Whatsapp Group either to me (Beni) or Martin, we will update the standings afterwards

Make sure that you use a timer, the moment 75 Minutes are over you can finish your current round, then the game concludes.

The final game of the league will be held @ Wellplayed and might be recorded / streamed to the X-Wing Group.

Before you sign up...
Only Sign up if you think you can play 6 games within a reasonable time (about 2-3 months).
If you would like to play or try out ships that you do not have feel free to borrow them from others in the group, we are gladly helping out. Everybody is welcome regardless of skill level!
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Re: X-Wing Liga Zürich- 1. Saison

Beitrag  Dragon_King am Mi 10 Okt 2018, 15:33

Die Anmeldeliste hat sich in den letzten 24h auch gut und rasch gefüllt!

1. Beni T.
2. Martin E.
3. Wolf B.
4. Denis
5. Phil
6. Raphael I.
7. Lukas B.
8. Christoph K.
9. Olivier H.
10. Livia A.
11. Massimo B.
12. Renato M.
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