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Erscheinungstermin ist Q4 2019.

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Boarding Team Mos Eisley
Boarding Team Mos Eisley

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Beitrag  Laminidas Do 01 Aug 2019, 23:34

A New Age of Battle

Announcing Two New Large Ship Expansions for Star Wars: Armada

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_box_left [Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_box_left

The tyrant Palpatine is dead. But the fight isn’t over. The war goes on even as the Empire’s power diminishes. But we are here for you. Know that wherever you are, no matter how far out into the Outer Rim you dwell, the New Republic is coming to help.
 —Leia Organa, Star Wars: Aftermath

The Galactic Civil War rages on in Star Wars: Armada! Even after the death of Emperor Palpatine, the Galactic Empire refuses to yield to the relentless forces of the Rebel Alliance. Those who have survived the Battle of Endor seeking to strengthen their grip on the galaxy converge for a counterstrike that can end the Rebel Alliance, while the Rebels attempt to track down each shard of Imperial might and destroy it. In order to claim victory, each side will need to utilize the power of new technologically-advanced capital ships, the like of which has never been seen before.

As you assume the role of fleet admiral, it is your mission to crush the opposition and ensure that your side reigns supreme. Whether you serve the Imperial Navy or the Rebel Alliance, you must use all your tactical skills to launch a strategic assault on your opponent and bring down their ship. With the final days of the Galactic Civil War at hand, the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance and even a single battle may tip the scales of power. Now, you can harness the element of surprise with two brand-new ships whose designs have been drawn from the pages of the Star Wars novels that bind the galaxy together beyond the events of the films.

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Nadiri Starhawk Expansion Pack and the Onager-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack for Star Wars: Armada in the fourth quarter of 2019—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping for the continental United States!

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_ship_art
Nadiri Starhawk Expansion Pack

The Starhawk-class Battleship was the first capital ship commissioned by the nascent New Republic Defense Fleet after the Battle of Endor. Assembled at the Nadiri Dockyards from the salvage of captured Star Destroyers, the Concord served as the flagship for Commodore Kyrsta Agate during the capture of the infamous Kuat Drive Yards, while the Amity and the Unity joined her in time for the climactic Battle of Jakku. There, all three Starhawks bore the brunt of the battle to destroy the remnants of the Galactic Empire. But how your galactic battles play out is up to you.

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_spread

As the largest ship in the Rebel fleet, the Nadiri Starhawk can stand against any opposing force, even the fearsome Super Star Destroyer, and the Nadiri Starhawk Expansion Pack provides you with everything you need to add this large ship to your Rebel fleet. This expansion comes complete with one ship and speed dial, four command dials, two ship cards, and fifteen possible upgrade cards, including the courageous commander  Kyrsta Agate . After you deploy, Agate allows you to gain 1 non-scatter defense token, which you may discard to resolve the its effect during your "Spend Defense Tokens" step, provided your speed is not 0.

This skill allows one of your existing ships to take advantage of the new salvo defense tokens introduced in this expansion. Spending a salvo defense token allows a ship to perform a salvo attack after the Resolve Damage step of an attack, returning your assailant’s fire shot for shot. Even if your ship is destroyed before performing a salvo attack, as long as the token had been spent it still performs the attack before being removed. Every rebel in the Alliance knows that no matter the cost, they will go down fighting.

We'll take a closer look at everything in the Nadiri Starhawk Expansion Pack in a future preview!

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_ship_art
Onager-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack

The Onager-class Star Destroyer is a specialized platform for some of the Empire’s most dangerous weaponry. The arrival of its ominous silhouette in orbit heralds a bombardment by massive particle cannons, or, more rarely, a devastating pulse from superheavy composite beam turbolasers. Its deployment in more sensitive Imperial operations can be neither confirmed nor denied.

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_spread

What makes the Onager-class Star Destroyer unique among the Galactic Empire’s specialized collection of ships is its special battery armament. By using its this armament, this incredible ship can perform ignition attacks beyond long range, keeping its crew safe while still wreaking havoc on enemy forces. On top of this remarkable ability, the Onager-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack provides everything that you as a skilled imperial officer need to add one of these elite vessels to your fleet, including a painted ship, a speed dial, and three command dials as well as two ship cards and fifteen upgrade cards.

Among the officers you may choose to helm your Onager-class Star Destroyer, you will find the assertive  Commander Beck . Up to two times during your activation, Beck allows you to resolve a command as if you had spent a command token. If you do, you gain a raid token that prevents you from resolving the matching command type again until you are able to clear it. While this opportunity does come at a cost, it may be well worth it to wipe out a key part of your opponent’s fleet in one fell swoop. With the full power of the Empire at your back, the battle will nearly be over before it even begins.

We'll take a closer look at the Onager-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack in a future preview!

Expand Your Fleet

As the Rebel and Imperial forces clash, it is up to you and your fleet to determine the fate of the galaxy. Whichever side you support, the stakes have never been higher. Ready your plans and prepare your crew for battle!

Pre-order your copy of the Nadiri Starhawk Expansion Pack (SWM32) and the Onager-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack (SWM33) at your local retailer today or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States—here! These expansions will arrive at retailers in Q4 of 2019.
Boarding Team Mos Eisley
Boarding Team Mos Eisley

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Beitrag  Laminidas Di 19 Nov 2019, 21:59


Rebel Might

Preview the Nadiri Starhawk Expansion Pack for Star Wars: Armada

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_box_left

“Winning does not mean won.”
  –Kyrsta Agate, Star Wars: Aftermath

The Battle of Endor is over, and suddenly the Rebel Alliance finds itself in an unfamiliar position. Accustomed to running from the watchful eye of the Empire, the Rebels are now poised to take the offensive and make a decisive strike that could bring an end to the Galactic Civil War. As they do, a powerful new battleship leads their fleets: the Nadiri Starhawk.

Soon, you’ll be able to add one of these titanic warships to your Rebel fleets as you fight to take back the galaxy with the Nadiri Starhawk Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Armada! Join us today as we take a closer look at how this powerful ship can help you turn the tides of battle.

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_spread

Rise of the Republic

Constructed from the remnants of defeated Imperial Star Destroyers, there is perhaps no better symbol of the Rebellion’s newfound power—and the New Republic’s ascendance—than the Starhawk-class battleship. The largest and most powerful ship available to Rebel commanders, the Starhawk adds an imposing presence to any fleet that it backs up with pure brute strength.

As the first capital ship built by the fledgling New Republic, the Starhawk declares the Republic’s willingness to strike back against the Empire, and these intentions are made clear with the new salvo defense token it carries into battle. Rather than reducing or containing the damage a ship takes, spending one of these tokens allows a ship to launch an attack of its own after the Resolve Damage step of an attack made against it.

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_a2_diagram2
The Victory-class star destroyer attacks the Starhawk-class battleship Mark II. After damage has been resolved, the Starhawk spends its salvo token to fire back using its printed rear battery armament!

If the attack was made by a ship, the defender performs a salvo attack against the attacking hull zone using its printed rear battery armament. If the attacker was a squadron, however, the defender uses its printed anti-squadron armament. While dice cannot be added to a salvo attack, a retaliatory strike like this is the perfect way to whittle away at your opponent’s shields and hull while letting them know you won’t back down.

With the salvo defense token setting the tone, the Starhawk ushers in a new era of Rebel capital ships. With its heavy armament, the imposing Starhawk-class battleship can easily go toe-to-toe with a star destroyer and the Nadiri Starhawk Expansion Pack gives you two different ways to add one to your fleet. Both the Starhawk-class Battleship Mark I and Mark II feature the same upgrade bar, but mix up the ship’s attacks from each hull zone, giving you the freedom to choose the mixture of range and accuracy that works best for your strategy.
[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_starhawk-class-battleship-mark-1[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_starhawk-class-battleship-mark-2

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_a2_cardfan

Such a large ship is bound to play a large role in your fleet, and you’ll want to assign the Alliance’s best personnel to it. In our announcement, we revealed that you can appoint the venerable Kyrsta Agate as the commander of your Starhawk, inviting you to spend a defense token, even when you would ordinarily be unable to do so. But you can also add Agate to a ship as an officer for a fraction of the cost, granting you the ability to ready an exhausted defense token with a red or blue critical result, even during a salvo attack.
[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_kyrsta-agate

Now that the Rebellion has amassed the power to sweep away the remnants of the Empire, some of its most well-known figures must step into new roles if they hope to usher in this new era. Although he’s best known for his exploits as a starfighter pilot, the legendary Wedge Antilles can still make contributions to your strategy as an officer aboard one of your capital ships. In this capacity, he acts as a mentor to your non-unique squadrons, granting them cloak until the end of the round.
[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_wedge-antilles

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_a2_cardfan2

Even with the firepower the Starhawk brings to the table, Rebel fleets are still likely to be outgunned by the large Imperial ships they regularly face. But a weapons team led by Shriv Suurgav can help you even the odds. For the cost of a squadron dial, they can strip a key upgrade card off an enemy ship at close range, forcing them to switch up their strategy in the middle of battle.
[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_shriv-suurgav

While the Rebellion's many heroes can be of service to any ship that will take them, the Starhawk itself can be upgraded with some experimental technology that further enhances its effectiveness in battle. Along with the Onager-class star destroyer, it is the first ship to feature the Superweapon upgrade icon. But while the Onager-class star destroyer uses its massive particle cannons to bombard targets with heavy fire, the Starhawk takes a different approach. Its Magnite Crystal Tractor Beam Array can be used at manipulate an enemy ship’s speed, helping you get it right where you want it.
[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_megnite-crystal-tractor-beam-array

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_a2_diagram
The Starhawk activates its Magnite Crystal Tractor Beam Array at the end of its activation, forcing the Imperial Raider to match its speed!

No matter who's in command or what weapons it's armed with, the Starhawk-class battleship marks a new era for the Rebellion, and a handful of these powerful ships took part in some of the pivotal battles that led to the rise of the New Republic. The Concord, for example, helped turn the tides of the Battle of Jakku in the Republic’s favor. This ship enters battle with an extra salvo token and can spend a defense token while its speed is 0, making it particularly difficult to bring down.

The Amity, meanwhile, excels at avoiding enemy fire while it closes in on enemy ships. Once it does, it’s not afraid to sacrifice some of its own health to deal crucial damage to the enemy. Finally, the Unity works closely with its squadrons to eliminate opposing starfighters before they become too much of a threat.
[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_concord[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_amity[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_unity

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm32_a2_art

Defeat the Empire

The Rebellion is on the brink of claiming victory in the Galactic Civil War. Defeat the last vestiges of the Empire and usher in a new era of peace with the Nadiri Starhawk!  

Pre-order your copy of the Nadiri Starhawk Expansion Pack (SWM32) at your local retailer today or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States—here! These expansions will arrive at retailers in the fourth quarter of 2019.
Boarding Team Mos Eisley
Boarding Team Mos Eisley

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Beitrag  Herendon Mo 25 Nov 2019, 18:04

The Siege Breaker

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_box_left

"You may fire when ready."
  –Grand Moff Tarkin, Star Wars: A New Hope

The Death Star may be the most visible symbol of Imperial might, but it's not the only superweapon employed by the Galactic Empire. An even greater threat may be lurking in the shadows for those who stand in opposition to the Empire: the Onager-class Star Destroyer. Capable of leveling an enemy base from orbit or punching through an enemy cruiser with its heavy armament, this mysterious ship is a deadly addition to any fleet.

Soon, you’ll be able to harness the power of one of these specialized weapon platforms during your epic space battles with the Onager-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Armada! Join us today as we take a closer look at the many ways this ship can help you use the Empire’s most dangerous weaponry.
[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_spread

Out of the Shadows
Unlike the ubiquitous Victory- and Imperial-class Star Destroyers found throughout the Imperial Navy, the Onager-class Star Destroyer is a rare sight, only emerging from its veil of secrecy for sensitive Imperial operations. Despite this, it’s easy to see what makes it such a threat. Outfitted with a special battery armament that accounts for over half the ship’s length, the Onager’s power is evident from the first moment it enters battle.

It should be no surprise, then, that strategies involving the Onager focus on using this armament to deadly effect through ignition attacks—a new form of attack that uses a pool of dice and a special firing arc not associated with a hull zone. While undoubtedly powerful, ignition attacks are all the more effective because they can target ships beyond long range.
[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_a3_diagram
The Onager-class Star Destroyer measures its ignition attack from its targeting token rather than the standard attack range, allowing it to attack the CR90 Corvette at extreme range!

The first step to performing an ignition attack occurs at the end of a ship’s activation, when it can place its targeting token within its special firing arc at close range. Then, at the beginning of its Attack step, the ship must perform an ignition attack against a ship in the special firing arc as its first attack of the activation. The dice for this attack are gathered from the special battery armament like normal, but the range for this attack is determined by measuring from the attacker’s targeting token rather than the ship itself.

Anchored by its special battery armament, the Onager-class Star Destroyer is a threat to virtually any enemy ship in play, and two ship cards let you add one to your fleet in two distinct configurations. The Onager is still being refined, of course, and you can always choose to deploy it in its experimental form as a way to test the ship’s great potential. For a more well-rounded capital ship, however, you can always field a full Onager-class Star Destroyer that supplements its special battery armament with additional firepower in its standard arcs and gives it more chances to coordinate with friendly squadrons.
[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_onager-class-testbed[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_onager-class-star-destroyer

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_a3_cardfan

Beyond selecting exactly what type of Onager-class Star Destroyer you want in your fleet, you can also enhance the ship’s special battery armament itself. For a default ignition attack, your ship must place its targeting token at close range. But this can be modified by equipping it with more potent weapons. Orbital Bombardment Particle Cannons for example, stretch this all the way to long range while also spreading the damage the attack inflicts to the ships and squadrons close to the defender. The attack from some Superheavy Composite Beam Turbolasers, meanwhile, is slightly more limited in range, but can tear through a ship, inflicting a damage for each red or blue critical effect icon in the pool.

Given the impact an Onager-class Star Destroyer can have on a battle, it should be no surprise that the personnel you can assign to the ship also work to enhance its ignition attacks. A commander like General Romodi benefits the entire fleet by increasing the firepower of friendly ships making an obstructed attack—of course, this is especially useful for the Onager and its extreme long-range attacks that can easily become obstructed by ships or obstacles. Similarly, Gunnery Chief Varnillian can boost an attack by constantly swapping in a die from her card, helping you pile on extra damage or gain another accuracy at a critical moment.
[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_orbital-bombardment-particle-cannons[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_superheavy-composite-beam-turbolasers[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_general-romodi[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_gunnery-chief-varnillian

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_a3_art2

The forward firepower of an Onager-class Star Destroyer is the ship's defining characteristic and, as such, it is protected by heavy shielding. But this does leave your ship's side and rear arcs exposed to attack. Thanks to her groundbreaking work with shield generator design, Reeva Demense can help remedy this weakness. If she’s a part of your crew, you can ready one defense token after becoming the target of an attack so long as the defending hull zone has at least one shield remaining.

Although they are a relative rarity, several distinct Onager-class Star Destroyers saw service in the Galctic Civil War, and the Onager-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack lets you use the unique characteristics of three such ships. The Cataclysm, for instance, speeds up the process of making an ignition attack, letting you place its targeting token at the start of the ship phase at the cost of a concentrate fire token.

Similarly, the Sunder does more than simply bombard a ship with its powerful cannons—it can also use its blue or black critical effects to target and destroy a specific upgrade on an enemy ship. Finally, because the Onager-class Star Destroyer can attack from such extreme distances, you’ll most likely want to keep its speed low while turning it to acquire new targets. This is easier with the Rakehell, which can reposition and line up shots with its special battery armament without moving forward at all.
[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_reeva-demesne[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_cataclysm[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_sunder[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_rakehell

[Armada] - Wave VIII Swm33_a3_art

Intensify Forward Firepower
The Rebellion scored a major victory when it destroyed the Death Star, but the technology behind this massive superweapon endures. Shrouded in secrecy, the Onager-class Star Destroyer is stark reminder of the Empire's might!
Boarding Team Mos Eisley
Boarding Team Mos Eisley

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