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Beitrag  Gwaihir777 Do 24 Dez 2020, 22:17

Aus dem FFG-Forum, von "Magnus Grendel":

In any game, the key questions are:
Do tight-packed rocks favour me or my opponent more?
Against a 7-ship TIE fighter swarm all wanting to stay at range 1 of a given wing leader, or TIE strikers with an effective minimum speed of '3', tight-packed rocks are a big problem.
Against Dash Rendar, or Primed Thrusters/Intensity Poe Dameron, debris is an annoyance at best.
Rebel ships like the Y-wing, X-wing or Auzituck hate tight-packed asteroids because they lack a speed 1 turn.
Scum ships like the khiraxz, scyk and starviper often hate large asteroid or debris markers because they lack a speed 3 turn.
On a scale, are obstacles more or less of a problem for you than your opponent?
Try to spread out or compact the rocks as you see fit depending on your answer.
Less maneuverable ships like rocks placed in straight lines to produce 'channels' along which they can fly.
Place rocks to block off channels if you think your ships can cope, or along a line if they can't
Remember that a channel can just as easily be at an angle to the board edges.
If planning to deploy in a corner, try placing one obstacle at just under range 3 in from your board edge and the side edge. Because no other rock can be placed within range 1, and no obstacle can be within range 2 of a table edge, you get a range 2-and-a-bit wide triangle of 'clear space' to deploy in.
What do I want the opening engagement to look like?
Against Ordnance-heavy lists capable of brutalising you at range 2-3, you want to move up slowly to just-outside-range-3 then hit the gas and get into range 1.
This goes double for Cruise Missile lists which need to set up a speed 4 straight 'attack run' to get the most bang for their bucks.
Against close-quarter lists (say, Fenn Rau & Talonbane Cobra), you want to try and aim for the long end of range 2, because at range 3 you probably can't hit them (bonus green dice, autothrusters, rubbish like that) whilst at range 1 they'll murder you and at the close end of range 2 they can boost into range 1.
Head-on joust versus weaving in the rocks versus running away?
Broadly speaking, you can set up in one corner facing up the board, in one corner facing along your edge, or in the middle, again facing your opponent or the side.
If you outgun them, set up in a side 'channel' - either they set up to face you or you've got 'clear space' to deploy in and get your formation around to face them.
If they outgun you, or you want to break up their formation, deny them actions, or whatever, deploying facing along your board edge gives you the chance to draw them through the obstacles.
You can always do a speed 1 or speed 2 turn back to face them instead.
Against opponents who aren't immensely tough but like to run away (Dash Rendar is a prime example) there is some argument for breaking your squad up into a 'dragnet' across 1/2 to 1/3 of your board edge so you have some ships coming in from behind, some to the side and some getting ahead of them to come in from ahead.
As a rule, you want higher PS ships to deploy on the 'outside' and 'behind' lower PS ones, so the ship 'inside' a turn will move first and make space for the one moving afterwards.
You want to concentrate arcs of fire, not ships. Don't feel you have to nail ships base-edge-to-base-edge - spreading out means more space to weave round obstacles, vary manouvres without colliding, etc, especially since both ships have a 180' arc and can engage 'broadside on'. But stick within about range 1-2 of one another unless you have a good reason not to.
The thing you don't want is your one of your two ships being at a longer range (unless they ignore it due to a cannon or something) - or even one of them completely out of range - whilst your opponent can fire all their attacks at a single one of your units at the same range.
A lot of the time it's worth a 'slow move' for the first turn whilst you feel out your opponent's strategy. Once you start turning between rocks, you tend to be committed to that approach unless you want to do (comparatively slow) turns and/or mess up your formation and/or give up actions by crossing obstacles, boosting and barrel rolling.
Don't assume this is always a great plan. Generally, if your opponent has a 'charge up' ability like Gonk, Rey, or Moldy Crow, bringing them to battle faster is good.
What do I want the 'end-game' to look like?
You can't plan for the mid-game. Too much is dependent on luck, and your opponent's actions. But you can keep in mind your goals.
Who do I need to bring down first?
You need to find a balance between the following criteria:
Which ship in my opponent's squad absolutely cannot under any circumstances be my opponent in a final one-on-one fight?
Lone Wolf R2-D2 Luke Skywalker, Omega Leader, etc.
If you only have 2 3-dice attacks, any ship capable of shield regeneration is next to untouchable once you lose your first ship.
Given that you have Assaj Ventress (presumably with Latts Razzi), then any push-the-limit ace is nowhere near as scary as it would be for any other opponent:
You have a 180' "primary" arc which largely ignores autothrusters
Anyone sensitive to stress cannot function within range 2 in your mobile arc
So a Soontir Fel/Norra Wexley equivalent is nowhere near as scary for you as it would be to someone else.
Which ship in my opponent's squad can cause the maximum damage (or disruption) in the opening engagement that I can realistically kill before a significant chunk of that damage (or disruption) is done?
4-5 ships can kill Nym in a couple of shooting phases. Less....probably not, and you might be better served chopping up the other guy.
Targeting a cruise missile-armed ship is sensible - it's fragile and well armed. Veteran Instincts Cruise Missile Inquisitor, however, will probably have already launched his cruise missiles at by the time either Bossk or Assaj gets to shoot - at which point, damage done and he's just a TIE fighter with delusions of grandeur.
Who do I want to have from my side in the end game?
Of your two ships, Bossk is good at dealing damage, Assaj at surviving it.
Bossk is less manouvrable and struggles with someone getting behind him.
Therefore you ideally want to throw Bossk in aggressively and 'trade' him for the ship or ships you don't think Assaj can handle in a fair fight

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