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Beitrag  RealSlimVeers Fr 08 Jan 2021, 11:20

Liebe Community,

da das offizielle Forum bald eins mit der Macht wird und nicht jeder im Armada Discord aktiv ist, anbei die aktuellen Regelinterpretationen des World Judges und ein Link zum Kompendium, das alle Interaktionen der veröffentlichten Karten beinhaltet (auf Englisch, deutsche Übersetzung kann bei Bedarf durchgeführt werden).
Bitte beachten, dass diese Regelauslegungen nur Teilweise offiziellen Support haben, ein Großteil des Organized Play Community (inkl. beider Primes, die ich letzte Saison als Schiedsrichter geleitet habe) diesen Interpretationen Folge leistet.

Karneck Armada Rules Manual (inoffizielle Regelinterpretationen des World Judges)

Hier die bisherigen Interpretationen einiger gängiger, neuer Karten:

  • On Engine Techs
    "Navigation Command: After you execute a maneuver, you may exhaust this card to execute a speed-1 maneuver.

    After you execute a maneuver, if you overlapped a ship, exhaust this card."

    The card text was errata-ed and updated for RRG 1.5. However, it is not listed as being changed in the RRG's official "Errata" section. We can only hope this will be addressed by AMG at some point in the future.

    When attending tournaments, the updated card wording will be enforced.

    Also, As we all know from "Effects use and Timing" a player can choose to resolve an effect in an order of their choosing when sharing the same timing.

    Due to the fact that both effects use "after" it means you can simply choose to exhaust ET before being forced to exhaust ET due to a ship overlap.
    THE INTENT of this card is CLEARLY that it is supposed to remove the ability to double ram a ship. However RAW is RAW.

    The card SHOULD of read

    "Navigation Command: After you execute a maneuver, you may exhaust this card to execute a speed-1 maneuver.

    WHILE you execute a maneuver, if you overlapped a ship, exhaust this card."

    The change to "while" places it as a timing before "after". And would completely fix the card. We can only hope this will be addressed by AMG at some point in the future.

    That said, as a judge, and with other judges this has been discussed with. We plan to force the INTENT of this card, not RAW.
    Pretty much, don't be "that guy" that tries and play it the way it is clearly not meant to be played.

  • On Demolisher
    “During your Attack step, you can perform only 1 attack. You can perform 1 of your attacks after you execute your first maneuver during your activation.”

    It may Attack, move (even if its speed 0), and then may attack.
    You can forgo to conduct an attack, move Demolisher, and make 1 attack after moving.
    Attacks are ALWAYS optional. (Except an Ignition or Salvo attack, if a Salvo defense token was spent.)


  • How does 1.5 Evade work?
    If the Evade Defense token is exhausted (or is readied), and you “spend” that defense token to resolve its usual effect, you can also, when “spending” that defense token choose an additional die against a larger ship size. If you choose to resolve this additional die, the token is then discarded.
    At Extreme range, the Evade defense token cancels an extra die, for 2.
    If at extreme range and against a larger ship size, if you "spend" and "discard" it would be three dice in total.
    1 from usual effect, 1 additional from extreme range, and 1 additional from the larger size class.

    Mon Mothma, and Iden Versio may modify this effect to cancel die instead of rerolling depending on the range and which card effect is being used, but their effects are NOT in addition to the evade effect per Mon Mothmas FAQ clarification. They are “an alternative way to spend the Evade defense token”.
    Meaning you do not reroll AND cancel die.

  • On Swivel Mount Batteries
    When you reveal a command, you may exhaust this card to choose 1 of of your hull zones and mark it with a focus token.
    While attacking a ship from that hull zone, add 1 die of any color from an adjacent hull zone’s armament to your attack pool.
    While attacking from adjacent hull zones, remove 1 die from your attack pool.
    When you ready this card, remove that focus token."

    Q: Does this card remove a die when making anti squadron attacks in “adjacent hull zones”?
    A: It does. This would also affect other card effects like “Ordnance Pods” attempting to attack from that zone.

    Q: Does salvo attacks lose a die when a side hull zone is marked with a focus token?
    A: Salvo attacks originate from the hull zone that is defending. You are just gathering a dice pool using the “printed rear armament” of the rear hull zone. Not from the rear hull zone itself. Thus if the Salvo attack is originating from an “adjacent hull zone” of the marked Focus hull zone. It would lose a die from its attack pool.
    Q: When does this card effect take place? Before rolling or after rolling?
    This card effect, since it is an "add" effect, when attacking a ship. You "add" the dice in Step 3 of an attack. So AFTER the dice pool is rolled.

    The "remove" die effect in the "adjacent hull zone" is applied after die are gathered but BEFORE the attack pool is rolled.
    The same timing as when you remove a die due to obstruction.
    See the Armada Reference Manual for further detail on this interaction.

  • On Hyperwave Signal Boost
    "During the Squadron Phase, when it is your fleet’s turn to activate squadrons, you may exhaust this card to choose a number of unactivated, friendly squadrons at close–long range up to your squadron value. This turn, activate each of those squadrons.
    While attacking, each of those squadrons with AI are treated as if activated by a Squadron command."

    Q: Does this work with Relay?
    A: No, As Relay is from a ship resolving a squadron command. HSB is just changing how many squadrons "activate" and this activation is not done by a ship.

    Q: Do you activate the usual 2 squadrons + ships squadron amount, or only the ships squadron amount?
    A: You activate the number of squadrons as defined by the squadron value of the ship equipped with this card. As you are choosing to resolve an alternative way to activate squadrons, and not the usual “2” squadron activations.
    This precedent is based on Mon Mothmas FAQ
    “Mon Mothma’s ability provides an alternative way to spend Evade defense tokens; an Evade defense token spent in this way does not also produce its normal effect.”

    To apply the precedent, it would be in this manner. “Hyperwave Signal Boost’s ability provides an alternative way to activate squadrons; Squadrons activated in this way does not also produce the normal activation procedure”

    Q: The card says "exhaust this card to choose a number", Can I choose 0 squadrons to activate?
    A: Yes. 0 is a number. You could exhaust HSB and not activate any squadrons your fleets turn and pass your turn essentially.
    Q: How many of these cards can you use at once?
    A: There are no restrictions on this effect due to the word “during”. Meaning, multiple copies of this card can each resolve their effect during your fleet’s turn to activate squadrons. Each card’s effect must be resolved separately.
    The precedent being Targeting Scramblers wording and its FAQ.
    “Multiple copies of this card can each resolve their effect during the same attack. Each card’s effect must be resolved separately”

    Q: Does that mean I can do them all at once during one part of "your fleets turn to activate" or can I spilt up how many cards I use each time it is "your fleets turn to activate".
    A: You can resolve each HSB in one go, for example to use two different HSB's to activate 6 squadrons (3 from each card, each card resolved separately) for that period it is your time to activate squadrons, or over the course of two of your turns to activate squadrons, you can use one HSB at a time.

    Q: Do Squadrons get to move and shoot with this card effect?
    A: Short answer, No. “While attacking”, only, do you treat squadrons “as if” activated by a squadron command.
    Long answer.
    Per RRG this is how squadron activation is defined.
    A) “When a squadron is activated during the Squadron Phase, it can move or attack, but not both.”
    B) “When a squadron is activated by a Squadron command, it can move and attack in any order.”

    You are still restricted by the Squadron Phase definition of activation, as the activation granted by HSB is not considered a Squadron command resolution in allowing a squadron the choice to move and shoot. It allows activation of squadrons but not by squadron command resolution.
    Only when you choose to attack with squadrons, and attacks ONLY, “are treated as if activated by a Squadron command”.

Viele Grüße,
RSV [ARMADA] Regelinterpretationen Armada 1.5 2814660190
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