[29.08.2021][Roermond NL] 18 man X-wing turnier

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  [29.08.2021][Roermond NL] 18 man X-wing turnier Empty [29.08.2021][Roermond NL] 18 man X-wing turnier

Beitrag  Skasnik Mi 25 Aug 2021, 23:16

Hallo, etwas spät, um dies 3 Tage im Voraus hier zu posten, aber ich habe derzeit noch 4 Plätze aufgrund mehrerer Ausfälle frei. Und es wäre eine Schande, nicht zu versuchen, es zu füllen.

Alle Informationen sollten unten aufgeführt sein, wenn Sie Fragen haben, zögern Sie nicht, diese hier oder per E-Mail (xptoernooi@gmail.com) zu stellen.
und um die Frage zu beantworten, wo ist Roermond?: in der Nähe von Mochengladbach (30 Autominuten entfernt .)

X-wing Tournament Hobbelpaardje Roermond

Tournament info:
Date: 29th of august 2021
Doors open: 9:45
Start: 10.20
End: ±17:00
Entry fee: € 5 (to be paid on site cash)
Player maximum: 18

Please send an email to: xptoernooi@gmail.com

with your name, and faction you will be flying. Registration will be numbered by time of arrival of
this email. If we go past 18 players, reserve list will be based on the same system.
Squadronlist: This event we will be playing 200pts lists using the extended format. (The Extended
game mode encompasses every component for X-Wing Second Edition, including the ships only
found in the Conversion Kits. Exceptions are epic ships and sqaudron cards) Just make your list in
the official app or Yet another squadbuilder and you should be fine.
These are also the best options to send your squadlist in to the registration email. (if it can go in 1
email, that would be nice. But try to have them in as soon as possible)

price support
FFG price support (due to covid we happen to have some stuff still lying around)

The Experience (powered by het Hobbelpaardje)
Venloseweg 229 Roermond
ATTENTION: This is not the shop in the city centre itself, but a different location

Public transport: location is about 15min walk from the trainstation
Parking: In the street itself are no parking spots, however there are free parking spots on the
Maasnielderweg and Doctor Phillipslaan. (see included map for how to walk from there to the
location +/- 5 minute walk)

Doors open: 9:45
Registration: 9:45
“The Talk”: 10:20
Pairings: 10:25
Round 1: 10:30 – 11:45
Round 2: 12:00 – 13:15
Lunchbreak :45 Minutes
Round 3: 14:00 – 15:15
Round 4: 15:30 – 16:45
Prizes: 16:50-17:00

Food and Drinks
Drinks and snacks are avaible on site at resonable prices,
please refrain from bringing your own drinks or candy. Bringing your own food is fine.

Until the start of the 2nd round you can indicate whether you want to order sandwiches. Then the
order can be passed on and picked up during the lunch break. We will order from a local sandwich
shop. You can already have a look what the have to offer here: https://doedels.nl/menukaart/

Due to covid, we have capped the tournament at 16 players. So everyone can have adequate room at
the table they are playing. Handsanitizer will be present at every table, please use these before every
round. Try to keep proper distance from your opponent, and not touch their stuff unless
unavoidable. (in case of bumping ships, try to let one player handle it if possible)
Masks are not mandatory, but feel free to wear one if you prefer this. We expect people to be
respectfull to others needs in this.


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