Spoiler aus dem Resistance/FO Conversion Kits

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Spoiler aus dem Resistance/FO Conversion Kits Empty Spoiler aus dem Resistance/FO Conversion Kits

Beitrag  Taloncor Mo 26 Nov 2018, 11:14

Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/r/XWingTMG/comments/a03zej/resistance_conversion_kit_in_polish_english/

Han Solo - Setup: You can be placed anywhere in the play area beyond range 3 of any enemy ships.

Resistance Bombers:
Finch Dallow - When you drop a bomb, you may place it in the play area instead, touching you.

Ben Teene - After you performed an attack and the defender was in your mobile arc, assign the Rattled condition to them. 

Rattled Condition:

When a bomb detonates at range 0-1 of you suffer 1 Critical Damage and remove this card.

ACTION: If there are no bombs at range 0-1 of you remove this card.

Cat - When you perform a primary attack, if the defender is within 0-1 of at least 1 friendly device, you roll 1 additional die.

Ello Asty
- When you reveal a red Talon Roll maneuver and you have no more than 2 stress tokens, treat this maneuver as white.

Nien Numb - When you receive a stress token, if there is an enemy ship in your front arc at range 0-1 you may remove a stress token.

Temmin Wexely - After you fully execute a speed 2-4 maneuver you may perform a free Boost.

Jess Pava - When you defend or perform an attack you may spend 1 charge or 1 nonrecurring charge from an Astromech equipped to you. If you do you may reroll dice equal to the number of friendly ships at range 0-1 of you.

Not too sure on the wording of the second sentence above but it should get the gist of it right.

- Before you activate or attack you may spend 1 charge to ignore obstacles to the end of this phase.

Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/r/XWingTMG/comments/9zwuz6/opening_new_fo_kit_on_sos_gda%C5%84sk_ama/

Translations of previously unrevealed cards only:

Pattern Analyzer (Tech)

When you complete a full red maneuver, you can perform 1 action before the difficulty check.

Biohexacryptological codes (Tech, First Order/TL only)

When you coordinate or jam, you can declare a ship as your target, ignoring range limitations, if you spend your target lock on it.

Hate (Force, dark side only)

When you take 1 or more damage, you regain the same amount of force tokens.

Overwhelming Shot (Force)

When you declare an attack and the defender is in your bullseye arc, you may spend 1 force token. If you do, in the defense phase, the defender can not roll more defense dice than the number of your hit and crit results.

"I'll show you the dark side" (Condition)

After assigning this card, if there is no damage card on it, the player who assigned the card selects 1 Pilot damage card from the card deck and places it face up on the card. Then shuffle the damage deck.

When you would take 1 crit damage, instead you get an uncovered damage card from this status card. Then remove this status card.

"Eclipse" (Silencer, ini 5, aka "Blackout")

When you make an attack that is obsructed by an obstacle, the defender rolls 2 fewer defence dice.

"Recoil" (Silencer, ini 4)

When you have a stress token, you may treat enemy ships in your front arc in range of 0-1, as if they were in your bullseye arc.

"Avenger" (Silencer, ini 3)

When another friendly ship is destroyed, you may perform an action, even when you are stressed.

"Captain Cardinal" (Shuttle, ini 4)

When a friendly ship with an initiative lower than yours defends or performs an attack in range of 1-2, if you have at least 1 charge, this friendly ship may reroll 1 focus result.

When an enemy ship is destroyed at a range of 0-3, you lose 1 charge.

"Lieutenant Tavson" (Shuttle, ini 3)

When you take damage, you may spend 1 charge to perform actions.

"Petty Officer Thanisson" (Shuttle, ini 1)

During the activation or combat phase, when a ship in your front arc within range 0-2 receives 1 stress token, you can spend 1 charge. If you do, that ship receives 1 jam token.

"Backdraft" (TIE/SF, ini 4)

When performing an attack corresponding with your arc indicator and the defender is in your back arc, roll 1 extra die.

"Emptiness" (TIE/FO, ini 0)

While you are undamaged, treat your initiative as if it had a value of 7
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